California Grown Cali Bars & Juice Head Freeze Disposable Vape (x1)


California Grown Cali Bars & Juice Head Freeze Disposable Vape (x1) Cali Bar has had a juice freeze, pairing with Juice Head to bring you a uniquely chilled flavor experience!Ca..

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California Grown Cali Bars & Juice Head Freeze Disposable Vape (x1)

Cali Bar has had a juice freeze, pairing with Juice Head to bring you a uniquely chilled flavor experience!

Cali Bars disposable vapes are simple out of the pack devices with an integrated 380mAh pre-charged battery and a pre-filled 1.3 ml pod of nic salt vape juice with a dash of menthol.

These non-refillable devices come with approximately 300 puffs per bar, the equivalent to roughly a pack of cigarettes. 

For ultimate refreshment, all of the freeze flavors come in a frozen fruit cocktail, with a chilled menthol ice finish:

  • Freeze Blueberry Lemon: Sweet and tart blueberries, complimented with zingy lemons with a menthol finish, for ultimate refreshment
  • Freeze Peach Pear: A sweet summer vibes of soft peaches and pears cooled over ice.
  • Freeze Pineapple Grapefruit: A tang of sunny pineapple and tart grapefruit, with a blast of mellow menthol.
  • Freeze Strawberry Kiwi: A classic blend of juicy strawberries and exotic kiwi, refreshed with icy chill
  • Freeze Watermelon Lime: Lush watermelon, complimented with spicy, refreshing limes and a minty kick.

Cali Bar & Juice Head Bar Freeze Spec:

  • x1 Cali Bar per pack
  • 380mAh Integrated Battery
  • 1.3ml Pre-filled Nic Salt
  • 300 Average Puffs
  • Disposable (please read the instructions for advice)


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Battery Included?

Yes - integrated 380mAh Battery

Tank Capacity

1.3 ml

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