Vaporesso Degree 30W Pod Kit


Vaporesso Degree 30W Pod Kit Degree 30W Pod System from Vaporesso sets a new high bar for pod systems.Perfect For Beginners:Using the Vaporesso Degree couldn't be easier. All yo..

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Vaporesso Degree 30W Pod Kit

Degree 30W Pod System from Vaporesso sets a new high bar for pod systems.

Perfect For Beginners:

Using the Vaporesso Degree couldn't be easier. All you need to do is to fill the pod with your favorite vape juice. The Degree uses the excellent PTF (Push To Fill) system which uses a spring-loaded fill slot. The Degree has a unique exposed top-fill slot so you don't need to remove the pod to fill it. It will even display a low e-liquid warning to let you know when it's time for a top up.

Like the Vaporesso Podstick, the Degree is a perfect pod vape for beginners and vapers who like both a Direct Lung and Mouth To Lung vaping experience. Using the same two coils as the Podstick you can choose to either vape salt nic MTL on the 1.3 Ohm pod or regular vape juice on the 0.6 Meshed coil DL style. For ex-smokers, it's recommended that you begin with MTL style as this closer mimics the experience of smoking a cigarette. Salt nic also comes in higher nicotine strengths which is better for satisfying your nicotine craving.

Awesome AXON Chip:

The Vaporesso Degrees AXON chip protects against dry hit by using Auto Temperature Controlled Technology. Detecting the coil heating up too fast the AXON chip will protect against coil burning and stop flavor killing vapes.

AXON also features PULSE mode which fires every 0.02s not just on the first fire to deliver a richly flavored cloud with every vape.

AXON automatically identifies which pod you've attached and sets the correct wattage by default, 10W for the CCELL 1.3 Ohm pod and 20W for the 0.6 Ohm Meshed Pod.

What's included in the kit?

• 1 x Vaporesso Degree with CCELL POD (2mL - 1.3 Ohm)
• 1 x Vaporesso Degree MESHED POD (2mL - 0.6Ohm)
• 1 x Vape Juice Filling Bottle (10ml)
• 1 x USB cable
• 1 x User Guide
• 1 x Warranty Card
• 1 x Reminder Card

Product Details

Refilling the Vaporesso Degree Pod

  • Push down your vape juice bottle into the exposed PTF slot and fill.

  • Make sure to wipe off any excess juice from the top of the pod.

  • Once filled remember to leave it for 10mins to allow the coil to get saturated with vape juice.

How to change the Vaporesso Degree Pod

  • Vaporesso Degree pods are held onto the device uses magnets.

  • Pods are easily pulled off and clicked into place.

Power & battery

Battery charge levels are clearly displayed on the 0.69 inch OLED Display below the power button.

Although the AXON Chip will automatically set the correct default wattage for the pod you can adjust the wattage to your preference using the adjustment buttons.

Recommended wattage levels are 7-12.5W for the Degree CCELL Pod and 16-22W for the MESHED Pod

Look & feel

The Vaporesso Degree is another stunning looking vape in a long line of excellent kits. It has an integrated 950mAh battery which gives the Degree a satisfying weight despite its small size.

As with many modern pod systems, the Vaporesso Degree has a small form factor. 90.5mm high, 41.5mm wide and only 16.45mm deep it's easily stored in a pocket or purse.

For launch, there are 6 different color options to choose from: Marble, Lava, Red, Blue, Silver Carbon Fiber and Grey Carbon Fiber. Check out the stunning Grey Carbon Fiber edition in the unboxing video below.

Vaporesso Degree Pod Kit Features & Specifications:

  • Size: 90.5mm (h) x 41.5mm (w) x 16.45mm (d)

  • Battery: Built-in 950mAh Battery

  • Capacity: 2ml

  • Coils: 0.6 Ohm Meshed Coil (16-22W), 1.3 Ohm CCELL Coil (7-12.5W)

  • Charge Current: DC5V/2A

  • Wattage Range: 5-30W

  • Refill: Top filling PTF

  • Drip tip: 510

  • USB: Micro USB

  • Screen: 0.69" OLED

Vaporesso Degree Pod Kit Package Includes:

• 1 x Vaporesso Degree with CCELL POD (2mL - 1.3 Ohm)
• 1 x Vaporesso Degree MESHED POD (2mL - 0.6Ohm)
• 1 x Vape Juice Filling Bottle (10ml)
• 1 x USB cable
• 1 x User Guide
• 1 x Warranty Card
• 1 x Reminder Card


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Battery Included?

Yes - 950mAh included

Max Power

30 Watts

Tank Capacity

2 ml


90.5mm (h) x 41.5mm (w) x 16.45mm (d)

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